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Do you always wonder how to sculpt the perfect pair of abs? You are not alone. Recent research has shown that a majority of both men highest priorities on their wish list is a sizzling six-pack. The major problem is that it is a myth to everyone on how tricky it is to uncover. But, if you know what to do, it's a heck of a lot easier. It just takes that little bit of knowledge and discipline.


" Never overtrain your core; like every other muscle group, it requires time to repair the muscle and to grow. If you are constantly training it everyday, it will not repair, hence, not grow. The maximum you should train is every other day, but I normally train my abs 3 times a week." - Shanil Beekarry, Founder at Spartan Genetics

1. Diet

Yes, I know this is the hardest part but if you are anywhere above 15% body fat then most likely you won't see your abs as there will be too many layers of fat there. Your diet really depends on your body type and other things such as how fast your metabolism is etc. Check out a book that I wrote on how you can determine your diet and calories consumption from your day to day activities and goals.

2 . Cardio

The best way to perform cardio will be either first thing in the morning before consuming any food or post workout. The reason why these times are ideal is that early in the morning your body will use the fat stored in your body for energy when you are performing your cardio, as you haven't consumed anything, there will be no other energy source but the fat stored. You will have to be careful not to overdo it because you may run your body in a catabolic mode, which is where your body start eating away your muscle for energy. So I would say 30 mins at a medium pace where you are not out of breath but breathing comfortably. After your workout is also ideal as again you've used most of your energy on your workout, so doing a light/ medium pace cardio is ideal for fat loss as well as losing water weight as you sweat. I normally do 30 mins of cross-trainer after my workout and the results are amazing if you follow through constantly with it.

3 . Ab Roller

Now I am a great fan of these rollers. It's great for an overall core workout, it works your overall abdominal with optimum efficiency. I do this on all my abdominal workout so 3 times a week for about 10 minutes. It really helps to stretch my core and as I am using my body weight you really feel the tension and the muscle contraction. The other added benefits are that it works your lower back which helps in terms of your posture, but the biggest benefit is that a stronger core overall improves everything from your workouts to your day to day activities. Most of the strength comes from your core, if you have a weak core then you won't be as efficient. You can certainly do different workouts to strengthen your core but the ab roller does it all for you in one movement.

4 . Waist Trainer

One thing that I use to reduce water weight, not fat, is a waist trainer. This helps me to squeeze all the water weight out of my abdominal. The way it works is that as you are working out, the material of the waist trainer adds additional heat to your abdominal, which allows you to sweat more in the midsection area. This has truly helped me to tighten my core for better definition.

5 . Setting Goals

You need to set a goal on the result you want to achieve and have an exact date for its achievement. It is so important because this will help you be more disciplined in terms of following through with your diet and training. You, missing a day of training, or not eating appropriately will set you back. Having a goal will help you be accountable for that. For me when I want to cut from 16% BF(body-fat) to like 7 - 8% BF, I normally have a 12-week process where I plan all my meals and calories I need to consume, I weigh all my meals. I feel that having your goal at the back of your mind will also keep you hungry and determined to achieve it because you have something to work towards. I will leave you with this, "People with goals succeed because they know where they're going" - Earl Nightingale.

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shanil beekarry
shanil beekarry


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