The Top 5 Portable Fitness Products of 2017

by shanil beekarry February 17, 2017

The Top 5 Portable Fitness Products of 2017

Is the hotel gym not up to par? We have looked at hundreds of fitness products and came up with the top 10 most effective fitness products that won't take much space in your suitcase - and can give you a well-rounded workout on the road.


1. Resistance Bands

Spartan Genetics Resistance Band
This one piece of equipment can help to a variety of workouts in limited space and substitutes for a dumbbell. Adjustable bands allow your entire body without taking too much luggage room. The workout bands are great for building muscle, injury rehabilitation, lose weight, stretching and much more. The door anchor, ankle straps, handle and exercise chart allows you to diversify your workout. keeping you on top of your peak fitness while on the go.
The Spartan Genetics resistance band comes also with an Exclusive 4 - weeks resistance band whole body workout routine, tailor made to burn fat and build muscle allowing you to feel the full effect of the workout bands.

2. Skipping Rope

Nothing beats jogging for conditioning, but jumping rope is a close second.

When you are on the road or constantly travelling this makes a perfect hotel workout. It's a great way to burn fat as well as improve your cardiovascular system within minutes.

You can burn up to 250 calories just skipping for 20 minutes a day, that is the same as spending 30 mins on the cross trainer.



3. Ab Roller

This is the holy grail of core workout, as well as targeting your core it also workout your shoulders, arms, and back.

Each rollout exercise works nearly 20 muscle, as well as targeting your abs it also targets your hip flexors, abs, obliques and several other muscles throughout the body.

The Spartan Genetics ab roller also comes with an E-book which is designed to help you build your ab roller strength from beginner to advance level.



4. Sided Gliding Discs

Dual Sided discs that can be used on practically all indoor surfaces. The Sliders are designed to be ultra- light and portable. Which make them perfect for your gym or travel bag.

They can be used to target all muscle groups, from chest to legs. The very nature of training with the sliders involves the core and supporting musculature. Training of these aspect results in excellent carryover to most sports and real life disciplines.



5. Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

As well as tracking your heart rate the fitness tracker also records your sleep duration via the phone app recording your light and deep sleep pattern.

When running the tracker will track your speed and heart rate, it also allows you to work out on customised schedule to improve fitness effect.

Other things the tracker record is your total calories burned, step count, distance, and a sedentary reminder.



shanil beekarry
shanil beekarry


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