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SPARTAN GENETICS is a Fitness/Lifestyle brand with a simple message, which is to inspire people to live their purpose, to inspire to #DOYOU. With each generation, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of being active. SPARTAN GENETICS wants to use this powerful movement to deliver a message to the World. The message is that you are most powerful when you find your purpose in life and we want to help you find that.

Shanil Beekarry, the CEO and founder of the brand, has a story that sets Spartan Genetics apart from the others. Graduating as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer from Brunel University, Shanil always had an eye for engineering and improving things. Growing up he always aspired to be an Entrepreneur, but he wasn’t sure what sort of business to start. He got into lifting weights at the age of 16 through inspiration from a friend, where it slowly progressed into becoming an obsession. Shanil competed in a couple of Men's Physiques competitions at the early age of 20.

At the age of 21 he toyed around with a couple of businesses from running an App company to importing and exporting goods from Asia, but it wasn’t fulfilling for him. Shanil got into personal development at a very young age and was always seeking for his purpose in life. This is where the inspiration of Spartan Genetics evolved from; he wanted to help people find their life purpose.

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