Emi Roberti


Emi Roberti is a UKBFF / IFBB competitor, fitness and nutritional advisor, speaker and fitness model. He has competed in a variety of UKBFF and other men’s bodybuilding categories including men’s physique, fitness model, muscle model and classic bodybuilding, both nationally and internationally. He is the current National Masters Bodybuilding Champion and has qualified for the World Championships in Spain this autumn. More widely he has competed at a national level in basketball and powerlifting and is able to apply his expertise to different areas of the fitness industry. Emi enjoys sharing his knowledge of training, nutrition and competing with other athletes and believes that whilst a physique is created in the gym, the mindset that is developed through disciplined training can be used to achieve more within a personal and business context.

‘Body building to me is so much more than routine, diet and training hard, it’s a lifestyle choice, a state of mind, it’s about determining your own limits, then finding even harder ways to challenge yourself. It’s about preparing your body and mind so that you are ready for anything, at any time, in any place’.

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