Peanut Massage Ball

Peanut Massage Ball
Designed to relief aching pains in your muscle and prevent muscle injuries.


Good to know: 

  • GET RID OF TIGHT MUSCLES AND IMPROVE MOBILITY - The spiky double lacrosse ball will allow you to deeply massage the muscles of the lower back and other hard to reach places, providing quick and lasting muscular relief, so you can train at maximum capacity every day.
    • ESSENTIAL FOR CROSSFITTERS/ WOD & FITNESS/ YOGA ENTHUSIASTS -The spiky peanut massage ball is perfect for myofascial release, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. An essential for Crossfitters, Gym enthusiasts and the health conscious.
      • OPTIMIZED PORCUPINE MASSAGE BALL DESIGN - The spiky design of this self-massage ball makes it the best tool for getting into tight areas of the muscles and releasing knots. The spike peaks are significant, yet not overpowering.
        • DURABLE DESIGN - Easily withstand whatever pressure is applied to it, A perfect spine and tissue massager. Its durable design will make it your most reliable and favourite tool for years to come.
        • PERFECT TRIGGER POINT MASSAGE BALL/ TRIGGER POINT THERAPY BALL/MOBILITY WOD BALL- This acupoint roller/acupoint massager is perfect for releasing trigger points, especially in the back area. A must have acupressure tool.

        Spec Details

        Color: Red
        Product Measurement: 15 X 7 cm
        Product Weight 82 g
        Material: EVA

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