Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands
Great to improve mobility, build strength, burn fat and injury rehabilitation on the go.


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4 weeks whole body workout guide: Includes an exclusive 4-weeks workout guide NOT available anywhere else! No need to go to the gym in freezing cold winter mornings or evenings. The purpose of the E-book is to give you an all round 4 weeks workout routine so you can feel the full effect of the resistance band, as well as how effective it can be with the right workout routines.

Comes with 5 fitness bands: (representing variable resistance) for Yellow (5-10 lbs), Green (10-15 lbs), Red (15-20 lbs), Blue (20-25 lbs), black (25-30 lbs). Includes door anchor, cushion handles, ankle straps, manual/ safety guide, carry bag.

Spec Details

Color: N/A
Product Weight 527 g
Shipped weight: 540 g
Material: LTE
Packaging: Carry Bag

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